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If you are drowning in debt with worried about aggressive creditors keeping you up at night, you may feel you have nowhere to turn. Your attitude can turn around immediately with just a short phone call or email to a Pierce County bankruptcy attorney from our law firm. Our lawyers are available promptly to put your worries in perspective.


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Our Tacoma bankruptcy offices are conveniently located in downtown Tacoma approximately 1.5 miles from the Tacoma Bankruptcy Court.

Free parking is available in our Tacoma office.

If you use a wheelchair or walker, please call us to make special arrangements. We want your visits to us to be as easy and comfortable as possible.

For regular client parking:

  1. Park directly behind our building at 1008 S. Yakima in Tacoma. Go up 10th or 11th Street past Yakima and turn in the alley. Parking is available directly behind the three story brick building where our office is located, or against the wall directly behind our office building. Go down the stairs to Suite 202.
  2. Park in our free parking lot. Go up 10th or 11th Street to I Street. Turn and go down I Street until you see the parking lot on the east sided of the street (the downhill side), which says “Bill’s Towing” on the red sign. Park in any of the spots numbered 25-35. Go down the stairs and across the alley to our office building. Go down the stairs to Suite 202.

Many people do not realize how easy and effective bankruptcy can be. You may worry that your credit rating will be ruined forever. The idea with bankruptcy is that it provides you with hope and a way to restore your credit rating in a reasonable, more predictable way. With your first contact with our office, you will probably learn that you can keep your important property and get the fresh start the law guarantees.

Bankruptcy laws have been around since the signing of the US Constitution. Many years of experience have taught us that it is better to give someone a chance to start over rather than force them to struggle in desperate conditions while creditors are left wondering in vain whether they will be paid. We understand this is an emotional time for you. We also understand that the laws are there to give rational, civilized solutions in an imperfect world.

Bankruptcy could happen to anybody. In fact, it probably has happened to many people you know. It’s not the kind of thing people tend to share. Even large, successful corporations have to file bankruptcy when the economy turns bad and they have to get back on track to protect jobs and the valuable products they offer. The debt wiped out in corporate bankruptcies dwarfs the debt consumers wipe out.


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Though you are not our client until you sign a fee agreement with us, the information you give us when you first contact us is highly confidential. We have an ethical obligation to keep your information private so you can feel comfortable explaining your situation to us. The rules are strict about this so people feel like there are no barriers to their access to justice. Be proactive by contacting a Tacoma bankruptcy lawyer from our team today, get your questions answered, and be on your way towards a more stress-free future!

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