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When you sit down with us at your free consultation, we will figure out an easy way for you to afford our fees. We write out a flexible payment schedule in our flat fee agreement. You have not officially hired us until we agree on a fee and a payment schedule together.


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During your free consultation, you will learn what debts you can stop paying immediately. If you are going to wipe out a debt all together in bankruptcy, it makes little sense to keep paying it while you get ready to file. We take calls from your creditors to confirm that you are our client. If a creditor knows that you are represented by an attorney, they will usually stop calling. You get tremendous peace of mind by just hiring us to be your bankruptcy lawyers.

Normally we can’t file a Chapter 7 for you unless all your fees are paid. Sometimes we can negotiate to file the case for part of the fees up front. We cannot extend you credit then wipe out your creditors. That could violate our very serious ethical obligations to you. We can charge you for the additional work required after you file your case.


Our low flat fees and flexible payment plans make it easy.


We charge an affordable low flat fee. That means your fee is not based on hourly charges for our time. We estimate how difficult your case will be and let you know the cost before we sign the fee agreement.

If your case turns out to be more difficult than usual, you will not be surprised by additional charges. In very rare cases extraordinary hearings are scheduled. For instance, accusations of fraud or abuse of the system can create more work. Our fee agreement spells these situations out and we may charge hourly for them. You do not have to sign our fee agreement until you are satisfied that you understand it. These additional charges are quite rare and the vast majority of our clients only pay the flat fee they agreed to.

Once you stop making some debt payments, you may find that affording our low flat fees for a few months is not difficult. We accept post dated checks or take a debit card. A friend or family member can help you too as long as they know you are our client, not them. With our fee agreement, we set out a payment schedule for you. It is in your interest to keep with it and not delay a bankruptcy to the point where a crisis develops.

If you are not able to pay your fees according to the schedule, that creates additional, unanticipated work for us. However, we understand that you are in a tough situation and can certainly remain flexible for a payment or two. We are not about to act like just another one of your aggressive creditors! Call an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Tacoma, WA from our team today for your free case evaluation.

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